How to Lighten your Eye Color Naturally with Honey

The most noticeable feature of anyone is their eyes. Take a poll and ask random people what is one feature that attract them to someone and they will say their eyes and what color it is. For many they are happy with the color of their eyes but there are some who are not. Your natural eye color is genetically acquired and cannot be changed without the help of medical technology and science, such as from green to brown, but you can lighten the color. As a person ages your eyes tend to get brighter and lighter but if you do not want to wait until you are fifty or older to have lighter eyes there are things that you can do to help you have lighter eyes earlier in life. Changing your eye color permanently is difficult but there are things that you can do naturally and safely to lighten your eye color.

lighten eye color naturally

Human eye color

human eye colorIt is a known fact that when in the womb all babies have beautiful blue eyes with some having hazel eyes. As soon as the baby is born and their eyes have contact with the rays of the sun their eyes start to make the change towards what will become their permanent color. The actual color of your eyes will depend on the amount of melanin your iris along with the scattering of light. As mentioned, genes play a big role in influencing what your permanent eye color will be. In most instances the darker color eyes will start to dominate with brown winning out over blue. The color of the eyes of a baby will start to settle by the time they are six months to a year old. By the age of six years old most will have achieved their fixed eye color. Approximately ten to fifteen percent will have their eye color continually adjusting throughout their adulthood.

Can you change your eye color permanently?

At this time the answer is no. Only in rare instance will a person’s iris pattern and eye color change.

How to Change your Eye color with Honey?

One of the natural ways to lighten the color of your eyes is to use honey. Before using this natural method make sure that you ready everything about this natural treatment to ensure that you are doing it correctly and will not intentionally cause damage to your eyes. If you are unsure about using this method talk to your physician or ophthalmologist first. There is also other natural ways to lighten the color of your eyes if you are unsure of this method.

how to change or lighten your eye color by using honey naturallyOne thing to note is that natural organic foods are healthy but there are some that are healthier than others, such as honey. Honey helps to improve and light your eyes plus it also can help cure the dryness, paleness, and darkness and get back their brightness. It can even change the color of them sometimes. Yes it might seem hard and strange but you can do this using honey.

One important fact that you need to keep in mind is that the honey used must be pure honey. There are physicians that say it is not healthy or wise to put honey in your eyes so it is important that you talk to your physician first. If you do decide to use this method you should make sure you are using the right ratio of honey and water, which should be one drop of honey to five drops of water (1:5). To get the possible results you have to use three drops of the mixture in your eyes each morning and before you go to bed for at least fourteen days. The reason that you need to mix water with the honey is to help prevent any harm or irritation that using just pure honey could cause. You should also use bottled water and the bottle that you are using to store the mixture needs to be clean and stored in a dark place when you do not need it. Including honey in your diet is also another way to enhance the color of your eyes.

Foods, drinks, and herbs to change eye color

can changing diet affect eye color

  • Spinach – this vegetable has a high iron content that helps to make your eyes brighter.
  • Fish – this is a rich source of various minerals and vitamins like calcium, magnesium, and iron plus vitamins B, C, D, K, E, and A. All of these minerals and vitamins can help to yield color changes in your eyes and if you include fish in your diet on a regular basis the changes can be made permanent.
  • Chamomile tea – drinking this tea can help to decrease the concentration of stress hormones in your bloodstream, giving your eyes a warmer hue. You should try to drink it two to three times a day.
  • Olive oil – when cooking with olive oil the compounds such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid can help give a soft beautiful hue to the color of your iris.
  • Onions – eating onions on a regular basis has shown gradual changes in the color of your eyes.
  • Nuts – if you really want to change the color of your eyes then nuts are the primary source of nutrition that should be incorporated into your diet. Make sure that you are eating a variety of nuts but avoid using roasted nuts of any type as their nutrients have been destroyed from exposure to high temperatures.
  • Meats – meats, in general, are rich in different minerals like magnesium and zinc, which help to bring about color changes in your irises.
  • Ginger – using this spice can also help to bring gradual changes in your color. You can make a tea with it or add it to your food.


Although this is not anything that you would actually do to your eyes, clothes can make your eye color darker or lighter. This a technique that works better with people who have a lighter color eye like hazel or blue. If your eyes are of a darker shade like black or brown you may not notice any changes. This is like an illusion in which the fluorescent or sunlight bounces off your clothes into your eyes from various angles, making it look as if you have shifted eye colors. The lighter the eye color the more it will absorb light so it looks as if your eyes have a different hue. For example, if you want emphasize your blue eyes you should wear orange and dark blue clothes and you want to lighten your brown eyes you should wear green, gold, and blue clothes.


Even though makeup in general cannot actually change the color of your eyes it can be used to enhance the color you have. Use various shades of color in your eye shadow kit to make your eyes appear duller, paler, or brighter in color. Here are some tips to help you with what eye care product you should choose.

  • Use navy blue mascara to lighten your eyes, making your eyes more vibrant and bright with eye balls that look whiter.
  • Coat the rim of your eyelid with white eyeliner. It reflects the entire eye making it appear lighter and brighter
  • Using under eye concealer will cover the darker part of your eye and make the eye look lighter.
  • Use indigo eyeliner on your lower and upper eyelids.


change eye color by wearing contacts

To change your eye color temporarily you can use contact lenses. You can even use contact lenses if you have perfect vision. You will just need to have your eyes fitted for contacts. There is a variety of shades and colors but before making a choice make sure that you check the eyeball shape carefully because it can be painful if you wear the wrong shape. If you have dry eyes your ophthalmologist will have to prescribe a special type. The contact lens that you chose should be compatible for your eyes.

To change or emphasize the color of your eyes you can get colored contacts. Whether they have no prescriptive power or are for cosmetic purpose you will still have to a prescription to get them legally. For people with dark colored eyes the opaque colored tints are the ones that would be most suitable for them. For those that have light colored eyes they will look good on contacts with warm tones. The best shade of contact lens will depend on your hair color, skin tone, and the look you want achieved.

Ocular implants

If you do not like to wear contacts these might be a possible alternative if you want to change the color of your eyes permanently. Delary Khan M. D. who is a Panamian eye doctor who is supposed to be the physician that created these devices. Dr. Khan had used them to help reduce the incidences of ocular albinism, which is a genetic disorder that was found among the Kuna Indians of Panama. This genetic disease decreased the iris pigmentation. Now it is -used to treat problems that are iris related. The procedure takes approximately twenty minutes. The implants that are used in this procedure are made of a medical grade silicone. This is the same material that is used for cataract intraocular lenses. It is a procedure that does involve risks to make sure that you research this treatment and talk to your physician before committing yourself to this treatment as there are some possible side effects like:

  • Inflammation of the iris
  • High pressure in the eye
  • Infections
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blood pooling in the front area of your eye

If you notice any of these complications you should have them removed. In addition to the possible side effects this treatment can cost between five thousand to seven thousand dollars.

Stroma laser procedure

Because they find this eye color attractive and want to have them. This color is a piercing blue. One of the reasons that people are attracted is because they think the piercing blue color is rare, and it is. According to statistics, approximately eight percent of the population in the world has blue eyes. The one that created this laser procedure believed that people who had brown eyes actually have blue eyes that are hidden safely beneath the thin layer of brown melanin, or pigments. The laser procedure works by agitating this hidden melanin so your body will begin to remove them. Once all of the hidden melanin was gone then your eye color starts to become noticeably lighter and after a few weeks they will be blue.

To have this procedure done it only takes approximately twenty seconds to do. Since the laser will only penetrate the iris and not the inner portion of your eye that contains most of the nerves that are responsible for your eyesight or your pupil it is a relatively safe procedure. At this time it is still in the testing phase. According to Stroma Medical, they state that if it becomes available to the public it will cost approximately five thousand dollars for the procedure.

Lifestyle changes

Yes, making changes in your life can help to lighten your eyes naturally. The can also make you feel better and have more energy.

  • Make sure that you are drinking enough water because when your body is dehydrated your eyes will not appear as bright when it has enough water. For example, having enough water in your body can make your darker brown eyes appear a lighter brown
  • Getting enough sleep, which is on average eight hours a night, will make your eyes appear lighter in color but with not enough sleep your eyes can appear dull and darker
  • Minimize or avoid drinking anything with caffeine and not smoking – if you do the opposite your eyes can appear dull and darker plus the smoke that enters your eyes can irritate them causing them to appear darker.
  • Eat a well balanced and healthy diet with plenty of vitamin C
  • Take a multivitamin to help prevent your eyes from becoming reddish or yellow in color
  • Protect your eyes from the sun
  • Try to avoid eating too much junk food
  • Get plenty of exercise


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